New Year, New Book

Happy January!  This is the first year I have been happy to see Christmas go!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.  But I also love order, cleanliness, and my alone time and that comes with my children back in school.  So, here I am, alone in my warm, clean house and finally my brain has clicked back on again.  It took long enough.

So, with a new year it’s time to set goals.  Here are my goals for 2016:  query Dark Visions until I find an agent, finish Dark Princess, outline Dark Waters, keep up with my blog, and network.   I was fortunate enough to be included in a podcast by literary agents for writer’s.  It’s call PubTalkTv and you can find it free on ITunes.  Through twitter, I was asked to talk a little about how my family reacts to my writing.  I talked about the difficulty involved in convincing family that writing is important and how writing has helped my depression.  I also talked about my daughter looks up to me as a writer and how important that is to me.  It was a wonderful networking opportunity and the podcast is brilliant.  You should check it out!

I start a new adventure tomorrow that is also related to writing.  I am teaching a Writing Workshop to my daughter’s fourth grade class.  Planning for this workshop helped pull me back into my writing world.  My ten year old is so proud of mommy’s writing and wants to be a writer herself.  On days when I receive rejections or feel down on myself, it fills my heart with joy and encouragement to hear my daughter and her friends call me a writer.  It helps me to identify as a writer.

Networking opportunities appear everyday and you just have to reach out and grab them.  In today’s market, networking is part of the game.  Sitting down and writing a book is the central point, but if you are looking to be published, you have to network and you must have a Writer’s Platform.  Reaching out and connecting with other writers is so gratifying and can help you to become a better writer.

Happy New Year to you all and as always, I love to hear from everyone.