An apology and some ramblings . . .

Sorry for the lack of updates, our internet has been down all week!  Along with our cable, phones, and ac.  I think we finally have everything fixed, but man am I frazzled! Having two kids home for the summer with no TV, internet, or air is painful.

The most frustrating thing about the lack of internet is that my plan this week was to research.  That’s been a recurring problem for me this summer.  A few weeks ago, I hired a sitter and drove to a coffee shop to get in a few hours of writing.  Thirty minutes in, the juices were flowing and my computer shuts down.  Configuring.  Well, it configured for another thirty minutes and by the time I rebooted and pulled my work back up, it was time to get back home.  I wonder why when I’m most motivated and inspired, the world seems to conspire to keep me from writing?  Maybe it’s to remind me not to wait until I’m inspired to write.  Well, when the only time I have to write is when I have a sitter, it’s very frustrating to lose that time do to electronic failures.

Well, enough of my whining.  I’ll be back next week with a real blog post, I hope.

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