Down in the Dumps

I started to write this post yesterday, but I was so down on myself that it sounded like a pity party.  Today I’m in a much better place.  Why do I get so down on myself?  Depression is a hard thing to come out of.  It seems like when I most need companionship and support, I shut down and shut people out of my life.  If you are dealing with depression or having thoughts of harming yourself, please seek help.  It’s so difficult to reach out when you feel like the world is collapsing on you or you’re drowning in self loathing.  But medication and therapy do work.  You just have to give them time.

Writing helps with depression, but yesterday no words would come.  Writing can be cathartic, but it can also be lonely.  There’s not much reward or feedback and the constant rejection hurts.  I know that rejections are not personal and I should take it as a chance to grow and learn.  But knowing and doing are two different things.  Not much else to add today.  Just a reminder to add balance to your life.  Write, but also go out in the sunshine and interact with the real people.  The ones in your head don’t always make for the best company.

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