First Draft Done!

Celebration time!  The first draft of my third novel is finished!  I’ve been busy writing The Darkness while querying for an agent for Within.  Now it’s time for edits and rewrites, not to mention writing the sequel to The Darkness, Dark Princess.  I like having several projects at once; that way if I don’t feel like writing, I can edit or research.

Editing is not my favorite part of the writing process.  Nor is it something I feel like I’m very good at (which is why I have my fabulous editor, Natalie Haraway, who is amazing at editing).  But the more I write, the more I’m learning about rewriting and layering.  For me it goes like this:  first draft is telling the story, second draft is showing the story through the character’s thoughts and actions, and third draft and on are deepening the tension and emotional connection.  I find it helps to have other eyes on it to help me with flow and with details I tend to accidentally change within the story (age, names, dates, etc).  It also helps me to take a break between drafts and let the story rest for a week or two.  Then I can hit it with fresh eyes.

I’d be interested to hear how other people approach editing.  It’s not a cut and dried process, and I’m certainly no expert.  How do you edit?  Thank again for reading.  Don’t be shy, register and comment.  I like friends 🙂

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