How to Write a Book

School is starting – hurray!  Back to writing every day.  Time to research, time to query, time to blog – can you tell I’m excited?  I got a few things done this summer, but not much real writing.  This year both kids will be in school, so I have five days a week to devote to writing.  And I will.  At least four hours a day, because I have decided that this is what I want to do with my life.  If I want to be a writer, to publish a book, then the most important thing I can do is write.  Everyday and all the time.

How much do you write?  Do you wait until inspiration strikes?  Do you wait until you have a free day?  Or are you one of those who says, “I should write a book.  If I only had time, I could do that.”  I used to be all three.  But the further I have gone on this journey, the more I have realized that the time is now and that you have to fight for time to write.  I spent my youth thinking, “I’ll write a book one day.”  Well, a few months before my 30th birthday, I lost a friend in a car accident.  It made me think.  I always say one day, but how many days do we really get?  Dealing with a chronic illness, I have definitely had times in my life where I thought I wouldn’t make it to my next birthday.

Seeing a friend die so young, with so much unfinished, made me realize that some day is now.  We shouldn’t put off the things that are important to us.  If you want to be a writer, write!  That’s the only way to write a book, one word at a time.  Writing a book isn’t nearly as hard as deciding to write a book.  So pick up a computer, or a pen, or even a crayon.  Start writing and let your someday be today.

6 thoughts on How to Write a Book

  1. I used to have a good habit of writing 1k a day, but since August began I’ve written…almost nothing D;

    1. It’s the heat, I swear! Try sitting down and just typing whatever comes to mind. Keep typing until it starts to make sense. You might end up deleting all of it, but it will get you back in the swing of things. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. Thank you for one more informative weblog. Exactly where else may possibly I am acquiring that type of info written in such an perfect strategy?

    1. There are lots of websites out there, although Writer’s Digest is the one I’ve had the most luck with. Literary Agent blogs and Q and A’s also give a lot of great info about publishing. What in particular are you wanting to know? I can possibly send you in the right direction.


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