In the Mood . . . To Wri

So, it’s been a lovely rainy day here in Arkansas and the kids were at grandma’s house all afternoon.  And I got over 2,000 words written.  Not a big surprise, given that I had the house to myself. But I have the house to myself nearly every Tuesday and I don’t always have the word count that I managed today.  Some Tuesdays I don’t even write (shh, don’t tell anyone).  What was different about today?

Rain.  That was what was different.  I always write more and write better during a thunderstorm.  Is it in my head?  Probably.  Could I write just as well and for just as long had the sun been shining.  Technically, I guess I could.  But something about a good ole thunderstorm gets me in the mood to write.  Turn on my current novel playlist, light a few candles and the hours pass like minutes.

Is it important to write when you’re not in the mood?  Of course, otherwise you’d almost never write.  But man, when those creative days hit, it’s almost like a high.  I wish I could replicate it tomorrow.  But the kids will be home and if I don’t do some laundry soon we’ll all be running around naked.  So, I’ll probably get a few pages in.  But man, come next rainy day with no kids, I’ll kill it!

What gets your creative juices flowing?  When it is hardest for you to write? For me, it’s when my family’s home.


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