Current Obsessions

I don’t like books or characters, I obsess.  I search them out on the web, pin pictures, read articles, and generally drive everyone nuts! was the greatest invention ever at the height of my Harry Potter obsession (still obsessed -always).  My pinterest boards are full of Outlander


Harry and Snape

“You have your mother’s eyes.

and Mortal Instruments pins.  Don’t even get me started on Game of Thrones!

I tend to read or watch a movie in order to lose myself in a world.  Once lost, I like to stay awhile and hang with the natives.  I have found this to be a common theme with true nerds like myself.  Especially those of us who are fans of fantasy.  It’s much more fun to spend the day as a wizard, shadowhunter, or elf instead of plain old me.

My current obsessions are Magnus Bane from the Bane Chronicles, “Supernatural”, and my own moody Victorian world from my book WITHIN.  What are you obsessed with and how to you feed your obsession?