Writing with Distractions

This very late post is made possible today by my mother in law, who is babysitting my active seven year old! In honor of some free time to write, I thought I’d dash off a quick post about being a mother and a writer. Mine isn’t an unique situation. Most writers aren’t able to devote all their time to writing. We have jobs that actually pay, families, school, and well . . . life. Things always get in the way.

It seems like most advice out there runs along the way of “protect your writing time”  and “keep that time sacred for you.” That’s great advice, but let’s face it, it’s not very practical. In an ideal world, I would get up at five am everyday and write faithfully for two hours before getting anyone else up. My own sacred time to honor my writing. In reality, that’s not going to happen. I drag my ass out of bed with barely enough time to get the kids up and to school and then somehow all that free time just gets sucked away.

The answer is – I don’t have an answer. I’m a mom with two active kids and a husband who works over 100 hours a week. I volunteer a ton and I take care of my mother. I have a chronic illness that usually results in a lot of hospital time and depression. There are week I don’t have time to write. There are weeks I can’t make myself write. In the end, though, I have to remember that I’m doing this for myself. I feel so good when I’m able to write. I feel a balance in my life that doesn’t come about any other way. It feeds my soul and makes me happy. But sometimes it’s just not going to happen. Life is busy. Write when you can. Make time for it when you can. But stop beating yourself up when you don’t.

How do you find time for your writing? Comment below!

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